Thursday, 19 July 2012

10 Fashion Tips for Short Girls

Hello Esterists,

Today's post is for my friends who are vertically challenged :-) If you are wondering if this post applies to you, if you are below 5ft 4inches then it does and these tips are going to help you dress better for your height.

These tips also apply to anyone who simply wants to look taller and or slimmer so even though I'm not short I'm happy to look taller and slimmer!

1. Embrace Heels - obviously heels would make you look taller than you are

2. Wear high waisted trousers - High waisted styles will make your look longer. They create an illusion of height and long legs - who doesnt like that?

3. Wear vertical lines - they have a lengthening effect

4. Stay away from Midi cut skirts - these skirts stop at the wrong place for you and cut up your silhouette leaving you looking short. Ensure your skirts stop just above your knee. Your height also allows you to combine your mini skirts with heels!



5. Avoid cropped/capri pants  - they work just like the midi skirt - negatively

 6.Choose thin belts - wearing a belt to cinch in a dress or top can effectively cut your body in half and destroy any eforts towards creating an elongated silhouette. So if you must wear a belt, stick to slimmer belts as they are better proportioned and not working so hard to cut you in half.

7. Wear Dark Colours - wearing dark colours create a streamlined effect. Black is particularly effective at giving a slimming sleek look.  Dark colours are a short girl's friend - celebrities know this

8. Avoid oversized handbags - the right accessories can add the necessary verve to any outfit and the size of your bag is a key consideration in choosing your outfit. An oversized bag will dwarf a short girl and leave you looking like you are dragging luggage - so go for the smaller variety

9. Avoid round toe shoes - go for pointed shoes

10.  Avoid ankle strap shoes  - like the belts they cut off your feet and make your legs look shorter. They also make your ankle look thicker.

11. Wear V necklines - V neckline blouses and dresses give an illusion of length -you look taller in these necklines as compared to oval or round neck lines.

Have fun lovelies...


  1. awesome tips...i am guilty of no 5! do i really have to stop wearing cropped pants..

    ok saying no to big belts..

    No number 10 too?...


    ok storming away..i am not short!


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