Monday, 9 July 2012

DIY Projects - Filling the Walls

Hello my Esterists,

Today I'm sharing with you a few pictures of some DIY art and frames I have made to fill up various walls in my house.

They are simple to make and turned out quite nice.

Magazine Skyscraper - I cut strips of magazine pages, rolled them up and stuck them randomly on a frame (I took out the glass)

Pencil Love - I cut up pencils into lengths to fit love shape I had drawn out earlier and stuck them on this cork board

Tissue Core Art - Here I collected about 25 tissue cores (didnt even take ages, we run through them like freaks) and cut them in halves. then stapled them together to form a circle - voila!  

Melting Crayon - okay this one is a bit harder and not one I want to repeat. I stuck a row of crayons to a sheet of paper and proceeded to burn the crayons without burning the paper. The crayons melted down the paper in lines as shown in the frame. I burnt a finger or two! 

What do you think of my DIY Art Work?


  1. lovely... you are so creative!

    i love the last one the best...could totally make some cool dough from it at an auction :)

  2. @aloted

    Thanks a lot. I enjoyed making that one even though I burnt myself! lol


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