Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Shopaholic Alert: H&M Lauches Glamourous Red Carpet Collection

Fellow Shopaholics,

Come April 12, the glamorous collection by H&M's new fashion range "Conscious" will hit all their stores. This amazingly gorgeous collection which has already been spotted on various A-listers is full of affordable red carpet pieces, that boast rich colors, interesting cuts and designs, delicate embellishment, ruffles and so on! Additionally its an eco-friendly collection as every pieces is fashion from recycled polyester, organic cotton and hemp! Its a win win situation ladies and we have the pictures of the collection here to show you.

A-lister -Michelle Williams in a piece from the collection

Another A-Lister Amanda Seyfried in another piece from the collection

More from the collection

Okay ladies, are you looking forward to buying the collection? I totally am!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

First Ladies: Michelle Obama vs Samantha Cameron - and the Style win goes to....

Who is the better dressed of this two Leaders?  *coughs* surely you know the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world...  so who is the better styled of these powerful fashion icons?

Samantha and Michelle, Frocking it in Blue - they both look fantastic

Colour blocking Samantha and Pastel Michelle - I'm thinking Samantha has won this round

As much as I love Michelle's cardigan, I think Samantha's chic look and fit pants win this round again!

The war of the Little black dress - and the way the dress accentuates her curves tells me this is Michelle's round

While Michelle looks intent on a workout, Sam looks like she works in Home and Garden... no Sam, Michelle wins this round 

Michelle in this picture doesnt just look amazing, she deals Samantha a deadly blow with her amazing blow dry and accessories! Samantha you are not trying!

And Samantha recovers with this edgy print skirt! woohoooooo

Michelle looks amazing in this stripey number. Samantha, is that David's cardi? 

As much as I love the brightness of Sam's raspberry cardigan, Michelle wins me over with that jazzy button up

Samantha wins with this understated elegant midnight blue number! Michelle's dress looks like its trying a little too hard

First ladies working the Volunteer look - thumbs up for rocking the Canvas ladies... but Michelle strikes the right mix of feminine and sporty 

Michelle's crystal studded gown is the "ish" what else can I say? Michelle wins again

And this one goes to Samantha! Sorry Michelle, the look is not sitting well on you

And lastly, Michelle claims the Style Win with this number

Now the above is my own rant opinion, what is yours? who do you think is the bigger style queen?

Sources: Telegraph and DailyMail

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The whole of London is wearing....

Quilted Jackets.... this is what everyone is wearing now and not necessarily by Barbour. Every single store now sells these things in varying shapes and designs... I've even seen one with knitted sleeves at Topshop! *the horror of it*
Its not just that everyone is wearing it that is so irritating, cos its okay for everyone to love the same things but they are so obviously poorly made! I am sick of seeing poorly made quilted jackets!

However if you dont mind looking like a drone in an ant factory!

You can go for the real Barbour deal here
Or you can go for the highstreet *sighs in despair* version here and here and here! and they look like this!

Skinny Jeans! *even I am guilty of this*  - I can only wonder what we wore before the advent of this horrible "show every bone in my legs" jeans?
And they now come in the craziest colours! (If you are in doubt - visit Topshop, River Island and the amazing Forever21 stores)

It gets better!!! - they also come in the craziest designs - yes you are looking at a leopard's face below the crotch!

The whole of London is also carrying these Zara Shopper bag!! If I got a pound for every time I saw one of these bags I wouldn't have to work! Zara has won the jackpot with this one!

The interesting thing is - this bag also comes in blue and the blue is gorgeous but I only ever see everyone with the black or the brown! *the death of creativity and uniqueness in this London has come*

Still, if you want to join the throng of people carrying this Plaited leather shopper - then do visit the Zara store here
If I see any other fashion trend turning into a uniform be sure I will keep you posted.