Friday, 3 August 2012

8 Fashion Tips for the Small Busted Ladies

Hello Ladies,

This post is for the cup A brigade. There are many advantages to having a small bust with the main one being that you can go bra-less. You also dont get the back pain and bra strap lash that comes with a heavy bust.

In addition to the above I have here a list of 8 tips to make your bust look even more amazing in your clothes

1. Wear high neckline blouses - they make your bust look bigger.

2. Go backless - you can be daring with your backline simply because you dont need a bra! so why not be daring... put the sexy in the back.

3. Show off your waist - cinch your waist with a belt or wear outfits that have a pulled in waist - a smaller waist will make your bust look bigger than it is and cinching in your waist gives you an hour glass shape - we all want that right?

4. Wear ruffles and embellishments - these things add a lot of va-va-voom to your outfit while also adding volume to your upper body to balance out your hips.

5. Wear Blouses with breast pockets - again details around the bust give volume.

6. Wear lighter colours - dark colours are slimming while light colours are widening - so if you wear light colours they will make your bust look bigger.

7. Wear the right bra - wonderbra, Victoria's Secret, Lasenza and so on have done the amazing and produced a wide variety of bust enhancing bras! Avoid the sports bra and splurge on the padded ones, the bust enhancing ones.

8. Most importantly embrace your bust - the best things come in small packages they say and remember all the advantages we mentioned earlier. Love the environment and go braless! :-)


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  1. Amazing pictures and very useful information..kudos!

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  3. Thanks Beauty. Yes I'll definitely follow back :-)
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