Saturday, 18 December 2010

Ten stores/outlets for budget fashionistas

1. Forever 21
An American store but worth mentioning as they now have online shopping for the UK. This store is my idea of absolute fabulosity! its a one stop shop for young and chic without breaking the bank.

2. H&M
There is no other store to keep you forever young like H&M. Their prices are as fantastic as they are!

3. Topshop
The fashionista's hunt! they will keep you in style and in trend!

4. Ebay
For those things you are wondering where to get them from. I wouldnt advice getting your shoes here though! but other accessories? and everything else? absolutely!

5. Amazon
All the brands meet here! clothes, shoes, bags everything... and their price range is as wide as it comes so no matter your budget, this site has got something for you and I have found such gorgeous bags on Amazon!

6. Asos
For your pretty party dresses, sexy tops, jeans, shoes... name it! if you havent been shopping in Asos, where have you been shopping?

7. Primark
Good old primark.... I always like to trawl Primark cos you never know what you might find in there.....and its cheap and cheerful! be careful though cos you might end up buying a lot of things you dont need!

The next two sites are American and for shoes

8. DSW - shoes, gloves.... This store rocks...

9. Bakers - class on heels... I love baker shoes.... I always will!

10. Charity stores - yes I said charity stores.... and if you want to stumble on the nicest things, go to the charity stores in really nice neighbourhoods... they are full of treasures!

And finally, I'm not numbering this cos its not a store - get swapping! Seriously... you can totally revamp your wardrobe by going for cloth swapping events like those organised by FabXchange dont forget to declutter your wardrobe too by taking along those clothes that you dont want anymore