Tuesday, 16 October 2012

10 ways to increase your productivity during the day.

Hello all,
Today we are stepping away from fashion to talk about improving our productivity/ daily outcome. After all a lot of us bring home the bacon and also cook it!

So how can you improve your productivity?

1. Get up an hour earlier than you need to
2. Use Sunday evening for planning the week
3. Work out what is important and what is not
4. Use a to-do list, keep it simple and keep your daily to-do below 5 points
5. Plan your day according to the most important, biggest tasks; not the smallest and easiest
6. Stop procrastinating and just do it
7. Take a proper 10-15 minute break after every two hours of work
8. Turn off the TV
9. Stay away from social sites; allow yourself to visit them in the evening for thirty minutes only
10. And finally, get a cleaner and stop spending your precious hours on weekly cleaning