Friday, 6 July 2012

40 Fashion Items Every Woman should own

Hello Awesome people,

As many of you know, I offer personal styling and wardrobe styling services for women and in my years of offering these services, I have gradually come to know the basic fashion item every woman should own. When you have these items, you will always have something to wear and you will look amazing with ease.

I am one for lists (crazy about them actually) and so I have made a list of 40 fashion items every woman should own.  You need 35 of this to make a perfect wardrobe.

1. A complete suit
2. A black blazer
3. A pair of black heels
4. A crisp white shirt - long sleeve or short
5. Blue Jeans
6. Little Black Dress
7. A wrap dress
8. Plain stretch Tee - doesnt even have to be white
9. A pair of black trousers
10. Underwear/Lingerie that fit - atleast one matching set
11. Pencil skirt - knee length
12. A good leather handbag
13. Control Underwear
14. Ballet flats
15. A pair of trainers/converse
16. A wristwatch - for telling the time and beautifying your wrist
17. Stilettos - sexy moments call for this
18. An evening gown
19. A statement necklace
20. Sandals
21. Push up Bra
22. Cardigan sweater
23. Perfume
24. Belts
25. Bangles/bracelets
26. A pair of sunglasses
27. Silk scarves
28. A clutch bag
29. An A-Line Dress
30. A one piece swimsuit
31. Robe
32. An umbrella
33. Nail polish
34. A brooch
35. Red lipstick - there is always a shade of red for your skin tone

The essential extras
36. Cosmetics (powder, lipgloss and hand cream at the least)
37. A cosmetic bag
38. Drop Earrings
39. A strand of pearls
40. A valid travel passport

I have not included important items like the trench coat and the black hoisery because they are specific to cold climates. If there are other items you think should be on this list do leave a comment in the comment box about it.


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  1. I love this list and actually did a quick check. I'm only missing a few items on the list which I think I don't really the umbrella..:)
    Thanks for sharing.


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