Thursday, 16 September 2010

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

Lady Gaga, the cult culture, singing diva who is well known for her extreme dress sense and stage performances went one step further... or perhaps i should say leftside, even downhill, at the MTV Awards.
Lady Gaga came to the MTV awards in a meat dress! Yes in a dress made out of chunks of meat, with a steak balanced on her head.

Although she went home with eight awards for her brain twigging, youth tripping songs, I personally think she looked and must have smelled disgusting.

Lady Gaga's attempt at hogging the spotlight and making style history might have been successful because she ensured she was the most talked about "thing" at the MTV awards, nevertheless, I find her style at this particular event quite sick and silly at once.

She has not only gone the extra mile to alienate her vegan and vegetarian fans, she has also done a good job of nailing it in the coffin for those like me who never had much use for her.

My particular beef is that she stole the spotlight from every fashion designer who worked long hours and laboured to produce gowns for various celebrities to wear at the event... I bet none of them got half ... sorry a tenth of the mention she got.

And Frances Fernandez who designed the gown? he needs someone to tell him to stop right now! its bad enough you were willing to do such a disgusting smelly project, you don't have to go on about it like its a maverick work of genius! calling it a gown that will take its place among many of Lady Gaga's other dresses! in the closet darling or where? Common! Your creation is already growing maggots and stinking up the bin where ever it is now!

We are aware that fashion is creative, eccentric, wild, rebellious.... all those things...and this is why we all worship at the feet of this tin god, but dont tell us wearing raw meat is fashion! do not even dare!


  1. geez! disgusting outfit!

    i have never liked lady gaga. i find her weird

  2. why is wearing raw meat not fashion? what is fashion? seriously, you're complaining that she and the designer are horrible, because they stole the spotlight?

    That is the aim of every single person who walks through the doors of that event dears. To be talked about. And it's not necessarily bad either.


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