Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The doctor's bag and Colour block Shoes

Imagine my delight to find that I dont have to be a doctor to carry a doctor's bag!!! thanks fashion trend... now I can go around town looking distinguished! I'll simply pretend my make up kit, wetwipes and novel are more the more useful surgial tools carried by doctors - and sashay around town feeling rather smart!

Check out the doctor's bag I'm drolling over from no one else but River Island and they are terribly affordable! what excuse do I have for not getting them...

Although if you would rather spend a bit more... payday treat and all that then this Giorgio Fedon Bag is the way I would go. It even looks like a croc died somewhere for it to exist. I am not a fan of crocs!

I have also fallen in love with colour blocking especially in shoes...and Larin speaks to my heart with this  Colour Block Platforms

The beauty of colour blocking - I love bright colours with a passion so this is one trend that is totally up my lane... totally!

I am in the process of making myself a fabulous circle skirt in bright yellow or orange... will be back to post that here

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