Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Retro looks, circle skirts and I

I am presently working on a new collection of 10 outfits - dresses skirts and so on... and so far it has been an endless process of sketching, discarding, pattern making and sewing.

There has been one underlying obsession though and its with the retro, 50s look, the full circle skirts, prim blouses, dresses with flair skirts... honestly I cant seem to get this look out of my head and last week I made a skirt that will totally find its way into the upcoming collection...

I have taken pictures of myself in this skirt and you can look forward to seeing this skirt in the collection as a skirt, part of a dress... dont you just love the shade of yellow? There's a bit of colour blocking going on here too... but I dont think that will make it into the collection - finger's crossed!

I'm going to try and not wear this skirt everyday.....


  1. Hello Ronke. It's Amnuai from Thai Silk Magic. Dao is my nickname! What a gorgeous coloured dress. don't wear it out too soon. I love it!


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