Thursday, 25 February 2010

The London Fashion Week

The exciting London Fashion Week A/W season has come again bringing with it one whole week (18th february - 24th february) of fabulousness...intense creativity and extravagant fashion...I dont know about you, but the LFW is one week I'm always eager to see come, wish it wont end and when its done... i heave a sigh of relief and then start another wait for the next fashion week in Autumn!

The Jalouse LFW closing show yesterday was as awesome as I imagined it would be with Angy Morton, Anh Tuan and Lida O' Reilly strutting their was a case of style hanging out! shades of blue and green, fuschia pink and black were some of the colours that featured strongly in yesterday's show

Angy Morton with his football jersey gowns still managed to pass across that dreamy sense of fantasy.... butterflies and fairies and shakesperean thoughts....

Lida blew my mind.... with those awesome gowns... i could practically feel the intensity of her creativity and hard work in the lines of those gowns.... Anh Tuan leaves you wanting to wear black all the days of your life... i have a few pictures to show you... forgot my camera at home in my excitement and had to make do with my phone!

hope you catch the beauty and the complete enchantment in these pieces

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