Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How to be Beautiful - tips

I'm starting off here with a few tips on getting your fashion really is possible to be fashionably gorgeous! i call it being fashigeous which was initially going to be the name of this blog... but now i have decided to just call it what i do patrol...

Still i'm bringing you a few tips on being fashionbly gorgeous so here goes

1. When you go shopping for clothes make sure you get something that suits your figure and flatters your shape... get classic pieces and my rule of thumb is that if you have to ask a second opinion about it – it aint hawt! Buy only things you absolutely love and can already imagine atleast 2 things to pair it with in your wardrobe

2. Buy fashion magazines… and check out what the models are wearing…the hair dos, make up… you can keep the hot trends in mind that way… you might not want to follow them every inch of the way but you know what is going on and they will help your creative juices flow…

3. Cute clothes are great… be stylish and adventurous when shopping for your clothes… stop filling your wardrobe with black under the pretext that it’s a safe colour that goes with everything… we have tried to get you to try other colours with all the “purple is the new black” “green is the new black” fads and seriously the idea is that ‘there are other colours out there other than black’

4. Wear bright colors - Like I said before… black is not the only colour out there, now take it further and wear bright colours, it will most likely give you some confidence.. so go after the pinks, yellows, turquoise blues and printed pieces… they will put a spring in your steps…

5. Pay attention to your hair – woven, braided, straighten, curled, coloured…. Anything…. as long as it’s impeccable… and there are all kinds of cute accessories out there like headbands and ribbons to help you! Dirty hair and hair flying around is not cool and even though coloured hair is great, four or five colours is not! The fashion patroller is big on hair… horrible hair will ruin the best of outfits.

6. Beauty exists in all shapes and colors….Exaggerate your best parts….you don’t have to have best everthing to be gorgeous… but if you have gorgeous eyes, show them with eyeshadow and liner… if your hair is gorgeous…. Black… long wavy… show it! If its your nails or legs, teeth or lips the list of best parts is endless… play yours up… and if you are struggling with the fact that nothing about you is beautiful, then you are wrong… ask a girlfriend or male friend what your prettiest feature is… someone trying to get into your pants doesn’t count in this survey

7. Exercise- yes that dreaded word…. Sit ups, legs up, jogging, skipping…. Do something… you could join a gym or buy an exercise video and work out at home. If doing it alone is boring, get your friends together and exercise together…. It will encourage all of you and the idea of an ‘Exercise Thursday’ with the girls is fab… seriously… everybody can’t have a gorgeous face but EVERYBODY can have a gorgeous body!

8. Watch what you eat! … Don’t starve but honestly cakes, chocolates and ice cream do not help your skin, waist or nothing… so don’t indulge so much. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables, protein, fruit, moderate carbohydrates and drink plenty of water.

9. Smile – perfect and radiate a bright gorgeous smile. Say hello with a bright go lucky smile

10. Finally a gorgeous attitude beats anything else so - Be Gorgeous with Attitude. Be kind, considerate, polite and respectful whenever possible. And if you remember that someone’s got it worse than you ever can, you have every reason to stay positive!


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  2. working on it dear.... I've just put up a new post on shoes


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