Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Fashion Fabric Show and Sample Collections

Today, The London Textile Forum started its exclusive fashion fabric show. Now this show has been described as one of London's most exclusive fashion fabric show, and is aimed at designers, small to medium sized manufacturers, dressmakers and retail fabric specialists looking for high quality fashion fabrics from UK and European mills.

Yours truly was there to gain inspiration for my Spring/Summer 2011 designs and probably find a fabric to blow me out of the waters....

There were about 20 exhibitors from the UK and Europe, there were a number of Swizz companies. The Exhibitors all offered small minimums (10 metres and 15 metres.... Basinghall UK offered its habutae fabric "good for linings and dresses" at 25 metres minimum but as far as I could see, most of the others did a 10metre and 15 metre minimum.

There were an assortment of knitted jerseys, wools and silks, embroidered and print satins, leathers and cotton, bridal accessories, linings and trims.....

i fell in love over and over again with two silk fabrics from Henry Bertrand and a gorgeous ivory polyester tafetta from Forster Rohner.... all in all ... it was a fruitful experience!

I feel newly inspired to produce my Spring/Summer 2011 sample collection....sometimes i think the fabric you use for your collection can really make or break you.... am i alone in this thought?

I loved it! and might go back tomorrow again!

Its a two day show! so if you can still make it run off and give it a go!

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