Friday, 17 June 2011

This Blogging Your Wardrobe Syndrome

I dont seem to understand it but everybody now considers their wardrobe blogworthy and themselves automatically fashion bloggers just by putting up pictures of themselves standing in their bathrooms and in dreary looking fields.

It seems to be a fashion blogger now all you have to do is take a picture of yourself in the crap you wear everyday and put them up on a blog and we will all rush over to look at these pictures and leave you fantastistic comments about how daring and stylish you look!... I blame google and wordpress and all the other "have your own blog in 5 minutes" platforms.

Seriously? is the world now full of people who want to do nothing else but stare at and comment on what you wear?

While blogrolling today, and I mean checking out real fashion blogs, I keep stumbling on these "Check-out-what-I-am-wearing-today, yay-I'm-standing-in-a-field-of-grass blogs" They are endless in number and some of them do dress so horribly! so so horribly! and sometimes they are downright plain!

And yet these blogs are full of "what I wore today, 30 for 30 days, the crap I bought last week, a few pictures of me in a door way in Copenhagen... *rolling my eyes now*

Dont you need to have a fabulous wardrobe "worth drolling over" anymore before you decide to crowd cyberspace with pictures of your funny outfits?

I give up.... later loves....

P.S: I have a lot of respect for anyone who is able to look amazing doing the anything between 5-10 for 5-10 days.... that takes creativity and some style... 30 for 30 days? oh pulease.... thats a lot of clothes! whats creative about that?

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