Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Funny Posters

Sometimes we take time off from bending over the sewing machine to do other fun things and in the last week I have trawled the internet quite a bit. Some posters have made me laugh and I have decided to share them with you guys...

This one courtesy of 
Every Nandos outlet should have one of these posters! seriously

If you have watched the dog whisperer, Ghost whisperer, then you will get this one  - The jerk whisperer

Courtesy of Elissa Dalpe

I hope to put this up somewhere in my studio for my most dramatic clients to read, laugh about and then take note!

This is courtesy of Creative living with Jamie Daily

I think I was born chanting this one!

 Yes sir!
Courtesy of Ylva Skarp

Totally apt and courtesy of Piccsy

And lastly - this cracks me up everytime I look at it! every single time - thanks Icanhascheezburger


  1. I had a good laugh reading this. Thanks!

  2. I'm glad you like it! and I stalk your blog too!


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